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PruVenture in ACTIONinc.


Action inc was established in September 2016, and it is now the largest Prudential’s agency office in Depok.

We offer you financial planning services for a brighter future starting from preparing your income protection planning, asset protection planning, legacy planning, and your personal pension planning.

We also encourage people to build their own business through our training and education system that has been proved to form professionals in financial planning sector.

Currently, we have 12 Agency Directors, 30 Associate Directors, 10 Associate Managers, and more than 1.000 Agents working under Action inc. We also maintain more than 10.000 clients living across Indonesia

In 2019, our total sales reached Rp 14,7 billions and will surely continue to grow in the future.


Prudential Berkomitmen untuk Memberikan Hak Nasabah Sesuai dengan Polis

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